Kanedai Corp. : About us

About Kanedai Corp.

We, Kanedai Corp. was established in June.1980, and started history of specialized stores for Pet Animals.
Now, we are one of the biggest all pets retailers in Japan whose main category is tropical fish.
We have a nature protection policy since our biz is based on nature things. Let’s think about animals happiness together!


Kanedai Corp. has a few brands around pets business.

  • “Kanedai” : All pets retailers. Main category is tropical fish. We sells fresh water fish, sea water fish, Shrimp, Gold fish, Carp, Pleco, Arowana. And dogs, cats, A little animals (Lizards, Hedgehogs, Sugar Gliders,etc.) and insects…. anyway “ALL”.
    And Kanedai operates Animal hospital in store, Pets Beauty, and Pets hotels.
  • “One Hundred” : Dog and Cat retailers. It is specialized for dogs and cats. Living animals, and goods for dogs&cats.
  • “Pet & Aqua Electric power “ : Resaler for electric power. We will reduce cost of electric power for pets life!
  • “Koda-Nettaigyo” : Pets wholesale agent.

Our policy “The Good stuff, Good price!”

“Hello, We are Kanedai for Good stuff, good price!” It’s our response to a call on phone.
This phrase is historical one from our establishment day. We’ll commit “Value of goods”, “Quality of goods” and “Good (reasonable) price” for you.
Now, we are enforcing international trading (import).

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Corporate Profle

Kanedai Corporation
3-21-35, Hanaguri, Soka-City, Saitama Prefecture, 340-0044
Tel: +81-489-43-1101
1 hundred mil JPY
Main Bank
Saitama Risona Bank Ltd.
# of staff
Totally approx. 140 members through Kanedai Gourp.
Retailer for living animals (Dogs, Cats, Tropical Fish, etc.)
Retailer for goods of animals
Pets beauty shops
Animal hospitals
Pets hotels
Kanedai :
Saitama prefecture : Soka, Toda, Okegawa, Tokorozawa, Aqua-park
Tokyo prefecture : Adachi, Oume, Honmachida
Chiba prefecture : Yachiyo, Abiko, Ichihara, Yotsukaido
Kanagawa prefecture : Yokohama, Higashitotsuka, Ebina, Isehara
One Hundred :
Saitama prefecture : Misato
Chiba prefecture :Yotsukaido
Kanagawa prefecture :Yokohama,Higashitotsuka