Nishiki Koi -High Quality and cheap Japanese Colored Carp-

Sale for Nishiki koi
– High Quality and cheap Japanese Colored Carp –

We, Japanese big retailer “Kanedai Corporation” sells Nishiki Koi (Colored Carp) which is bred by Japanese Carp breeder.
They are excellent quality and good cheap price.
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[Update on Nov.21.2020] Just updated! Check it out our Nishikigoi.

1.White Carp 3,000JPY
2.Shiro Utsuri 3,500JPY
3.Kohaku 3,000JPY
4.Tantyo 3,000JPY
5.Kohaku 3,500JPY
6.Kohaku 3,500JPY
7.TaisyoSanshoku 3,000JPY
8.Hikari Kohaku 5,000JPY


・Please contact with Kanedai Abiko to buy them.

・Or , we can support mail order (Japan domestic address only).
Please contact with us from contact form!