Nishiki Koi -High Quality and cut-priced Japanese Colored Carp-

Sale for Nishiki koi
– High Quality and cut-priced Japanese Colored Carp –

We, Japanese big retailer “Kanedai Corporation” sells Nishiki Koi (Colored Carp) which is bred by Japanese Carp breeder.
They are excellent quality and good cheap price.
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[Update on May.14.2021] Now on stock! Please check it out.

A-1紅白 Kohaku 8,000JPY (8,800JPY with TAX)
A-2大正三色 Taisho Sanke 7,000JPY (7,700JPY with TAX)
A-3山吹黄金 Yamabuki Ogon 8,000JPY (8,800JPY with TAX)
A-4大正三色 Taisho sanke 8,000JPY (8,800JPY with TAX)
A-5紅白 Kohaku 8,000JPY (8,800JPY with TAX)
A-6紅白 Kohaku 6,000JPY (7,700JPY with TAX)
A-7紅白 Kohaku 5,000JPY (5,500JPY with TAX)
A-8紅白 Kohaku 5,000JPY (5,500JPY with TAX)
A-9大正三色 Taisho Sanke 5,000JPY (5,500JPY with TAX)
A-10紅白 Kohaku 8,000JPY (8,800JPY with TAX)


・Please contact with Kanedai Abiko to buy them.

・Or , we can support mail order (Japan domestic address only).
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